Investment Philosophy

Wenlock Capital believes in being objective and unaffected by short term noise when looking to generate consistent long term returns.



Investing in businesses that consistently generate ‘cash’ returns greater than the cost of generating those returns, we believe ensures wealth creation.



Achieving positive returns is core to our belief. Our protection strategy enables us to focus on investing in only the most superior businesses without the threat of extreme volatility.



As investment managers, we view the restrictions placed by benchmarks or indices as risk-insensitive. Forcing unacceptable risk upon investors is counterinitiative. Each investment is based on its own credentials and not a function of its position in any index.



Investing for the short term makes it is difficult to generate positive long term returns for a myriad of reasons, not least because of the emotional aspect of investing but because business themselves take a long-term view in generating returns. Hence, our view is aligned with their intentions allowing the effect of compounding returns.


Being cognisant of secular trends in the global economy is essential. Business models can be disrupted unless they adapt. It is for this reason our approach challenges the traditional mindsets and is open to seemingly incongruous propositions.

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