Fund Details & Performance

The Wenlock Global fund invests in some of the most superlative businesses across the world that are benefiting from he strongest secular trends. These businesses generate high cash returns on investment. The Fund also employs active risk management to protect against large falls in asset prices.

This approach gives investors an opportunity to benefit from some of the highest quality businesses whilst maintaining a level of capital protection.

The fund only invests in the strongest 20-40 businesses across the world that have strong secular tailwinds and that generate high levels of cash returns on investment. They are predominantly in North America and Western Europe with some investments in developing markets. There is no borrowing or shorting.

Protecting capital is a central tenet of the fund strategy. The experienced investment team strictly uses derivatives to protect capital in a disciplined methodical process. 

Fund Objectives

  • The Wenlock Global Fund aims to provide investors with long term attractive risk adjusted returns whilst protecting from capital erosion

  • Provides exposure to some of the most profitable secular trends across the world.

You can learn more from the Product Disclosure Statement and the Reference Guide.

Fund Type

Global Equity Fund


Portfolio Manager

Nitesh Patel

Management Fee

1%  Management Fee + 0.30% capped Administration fee

Inception Date

9th August 2017



Performance Fee

10% of the excess return above the higher of the MSCI World Net Total Return Index and the 10 year Australian Government Bond yield (Hurdle) over 6 month period ending 30 June and 31 December. Includes a high watermark.


Registered managed investment scheme



Minimum /Additional Investment

$10,000 min/ $5,000 min additional

Distribution Frequency


Performance Benchmark

MSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD)



Performance (net of fees)** as at Feb21
1 Month
3 Month
12 Month
Since Inception*
Wenlock Global Fund
Relative Performance

* From 9 August 2017

** Calculations based on NAV after management fees and usual expenses, however excludes individual Tax, Entry and Exit fees where applicable. Index is the MSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD)

The table provides returns based on distributions reinvested, after management fees and ongoing expenses. They exclude entry fees, individual tax and other costs where applicable.